Bird Picture Frame

I’m trying out some different food-based paint recipes (still a few more to try before sharing!), and thought I’d put this blue paint to the test for a simple picture frame design.

After making a bird shape, Lila used a spatula, her hands and rose petals to paint and stamp. The petals also stuck nicely to the card to give a pop of colour.

I cut out the picture and we added some colourful sprinkles to the wet paint.

The final touch was adding legs! We stuck two clothes pegs to the back of the bird to hold our photo. Once it’s got its peg legs you can hang up any photo or drawing you like! 🥰

What will you make today? 😊

Let me know if you try this out at home by tagging me, using my hashtag #muckypicnic or by messaging me! I love seeing your work. 😍

Claire 🌈

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