Mucky Kitchen

Yesterday we made a healthy edible ‘art-work’. 😂 This is actually based on a Fitness Blender recipe for a flatbread-style lunch and Lila absolutely LOVES it. She’s a big fan of her vegetables! 

If you want your little one involved in the kitchen, it’s a fun and rewarding reason to make a mess and you can encourage them to try out different foods. 😍

Just get a tortilla, load with your toppings and pop in in the oven. We used Passata for our tomato base, then threw on some cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, chick peas and spinach.

If you are getting your toddler to help decorate, avoid using raw meats (chances are something will end up being tasted!), and always supervise the activity. 

What will you put on yours?

Tip: For a treat for older kids (or you 🙃), you could try a sweet version with chocolate spread and marshmallows… yummy! 😋 

Let me know if you end up making this using #muckypicnic, tagging me in your Instagram stories or by DMing me. 🥰

Claire 🌈

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