Happy Hands Hedgehog

Baby painting: hedgehog made out of handprints

This handprint hedgehog was a lovely messy activity and had lots of different tasks! 🦔 

Did you know hedgehogs can sleep for up to 18 hours a day? Jealous! 😒

For our happy hedgehog, we started by making lots of handprints. Then we cut them out and stuck them to our hedgehog body. As a tip, stick them from the top of the body down, as they’ll fan out better.

Don’t forget to add a cute button nose! If I’d had a Pom-Pom and a googly eye I would have used them but I need to replenish my craft stock this month. 🙃

What is your favourite hedgehog fact?

Please share your creations using my hashtag #muckypicnic, tagging me in your Instagram stories or by messaging me! 😊

Claire 🌈

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