Mucky Lasagna

My 12 month old had a lot of fun with this activity! Using two uncooked lasagna sheets, I dropped some paint blobs on and just let her go mad. 

She squashed the paint on the lasagna with her hands, then we turned them upside down onto a piece of card. Great trick for dexterity – she had to peel the painted lasagna off the card which was a little tricky due to the suction caused by the paint. Then she had great fun banging the sheets together and pulling them apart when they stuck together. 😂

She made a huge mess but the giggles are always worth it! Let me know if you try this one, and share your work using the tag #muckypicnic ! 

Tip: Use cooked lasagna sheets for a slightly more sloppy experience. 😄 

Claire 🌈 

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