Terms and Conditions

When you make a booking with Mucky Picnic, you must agree to our terms and conditions.


A booking is only confirmed once payment has been received.

TERM BOOKINGS: Please note that Term Bookings cannot be refunded or rescheduled. If you book a full term of classes and are unable to attend one of the classes, you are welcome to offer the place for that class to a friend. Just let us know in advance so we can take note of any allergies, health conditions etc.

DROP-IN BOOKINGS: If you have booked a Drop-In Session but won’t be able to make it, please give minimum 72 hours notice to allow the space to be filled: we will try our best to issue a refund. If you give less than 72 hours notice, we unfortunately won’t be able to issue a refund or reschedule.

Please let us know as soon as you can if you are unable to attend a class. If you have passed the refund deadline you can pass your ticket on. Email us or DM us on Instagram. 

If Mucky Picnic has to cancel a class for any reason, we will provide an alternative date, or offer a refund.

We cannot offer a refund for a class missed due to illness, however you are welcome to pass your ticket on to a friend. Just let us know if you would like to give your space to someone else.


Children must be fully supervised by their parent/guardian at all times during the class. This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the class for both the child themselves, and other families in attendance.

Material Safety: As this is a messy, sensory session, we use lots of different materials, including some small parts/inedible materials. Please supervise your child at all times to ensure these are not swallowed.

Dress for mess! By nature, Mucky Picnic classes are messy so make sure to wear pre-loved clothes. It’s never a bad idea to bring a spare change of clothes just incase, along with a towel.

Mucky Picnic’s venue is a shared community space, so please treat the staff, venue and other visitors with respect.

No running is allowed indoors.

Do not litter and please bring your rubbish away with you.

Respect venue parking. Do not park in reserved spaces (eg: for staff parking), on footpaths, at entrances, over access ramps, etc. Use the visitor spaces provided where available. Be mindful of parking restrictions or ticketing: if you park you do so at your own risk. Mucky Picnic are not responsible for parking fines, costs associated, damage or theft. Parking may vary from venue to venue, so please see individual events for this information or send us an email.

Please make sure to bring all of your belongings with you. Mucky Picnic are not responsible for lost/stolen property.


Please do not attend a class if you, your child or anyone in your household:

  • Has symptoms of COVID-19
  • Are awaiting a test or a result from a COVID-19 test
  • Has been advised to stay home/self-isolate

Equipment/toys will be cleaned and disinfected after every class.

Hand-sanitiser will be available at events.

Windows will be open for ventilation.

Only one adult may accompany a child – this is to maintain a smaller group size.


Please notify us of any allergies/medical conditions in advance of the class. If there are any changes after you have made the booking, let us know by emailing us.

If you or your little one are unwell we ask that you do not attend an event. Please keep your baby or toddler at home if they:

  • Have a fever or has had one in the previous 24 hours
  • Have had an upset stomach or diarrhoea in the previous 48 hours
  • Have heavy nasal discharge
  • Have discharging eyes
  • Have symptoms of contagious illnesses such as Measles; Chicken pox; German measles; Whooping cough; Impetigo; Scarlett fever; Hand, foot and mouth disease, Conjunctivitis or Norovirus.

If you or your child have experienced vomiting or diarrhoea you must be clear of symptoms for at least 48 hours before a class to be able to attend.

We ask that no products containing nuts be brought to an event.

We are not liable for any injuries or accidents that occur during a class.

We are covered by Public Liability Insurance and do risk assessments for our venues.

A full Health and Safety Policy is available on request.


You are welcome to take photos or videos of your own child at a Mucky Picnic event, however please be mindful of other children. You are not permitted to take photographs or videos of other children at the class.

We love to see your photos and if you would like to share them with us you can tag us on Instagram (@muckypicnic) – we just ask that you block out other children’s faces if they are visible. We will only share photos with your permission.

Child Safeguarding Statement

1. Our priority to ensure the welfare and safety of every child and young person who attends our service is paramount.

2. Our guiding principles and procedures to safeguard children and young people reflect national policy and legislation and we will review our guiding principles and child safeguarding procedures every two years.

3. All children and young people have an equal right to attend a service that respects them as individuals and encourages them to reach their potential, regardless of their background.

4. We are committed to upholding the rights of every child and young person who attends our service, including the rights to be kept safe and protected from harm, listened to and heard.

5. Our guiding principles apply to anyone we should employ within Mucky Picnic.

6. Workers/volunteers must conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of our organisation.

A full Child Safeguarding Statement is available on request, please email us.