Events for 3 Years+

Events for children aged 3 and up are all about encouraging messy play, creativity, storytelling and fun! How can art and painting help us learn new things, or tell a story? Workshops can be tailored to a specific theme, event or setting. Prices are inclusive of all materials for the workshops.

Mucky Picnic

This 1-hour workshop is geared towards messy and free-painting for a sensory experience. Workshops can have a particular theme or story behind them: it is all about having fun with different colours and textures, and using our imagination to go on a journey with paint! Each child receives a 10 x 12″ canvas to create their masterpieces.

Paint Lab

In this session we all make our own taste-safe paint from scratch! Then we create masterpieces of canvas using our own paint. This is a step-by-step paint-making workshop, followed by free-painting some messy masterpieces on canvas (10 x 12″). This workshop will last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the age group.

Playdough Lab

In this 1 hour session we all make our own taste-safe playdough from scratch! Sticky, slimy, silly, and lots of fun. This is a step-by-step playdough-making workshop, followed by an opportunity to play and tell a story with our colourful creations.

Let’s Create!

In this 1 hour session we work with a variety of materials to make fun and simple arts and crafts projects! Do you have a story or theme you would like to work with? This workshop can be tailored to suit your theme, event, age group and more.