Mucky Monthly – March

Mucky Monthly is my free monthly activity PDF. Check out February’s here. I had a vote to choose the theme for March – Safari or St. Patrick’s Day? Safari won by a few votes, but because there was still a lot of interest in St. Patrick’s Day, here is a bit of a mixup! 🙂 […]

Mucky Monthly – February

Each month I’ll be doing a free mini activity pack for you to print at home to do with your little ones. This month we are flying in February, and creating some 3D hot air balloon cards! So if you want a Valentine’s Day card with a difference, or you want to use the cards […]

Box with Label that reads 'My Tiny Museum'

My Tiny Museum Box

I am so ridiculously excited about the next Mucky Picnic Box – I’m actually BUZZING – so had to share this with you almost immediately! I’m thrilled that ‘My Tiny Museum’ will be available to order throughout the year starting in very early 2022. For now this super special draft box is being assembled for […]

Baby painting: hedgehog made out of handprints

Happy Hands Hedgehog

This handprint hedgehog was a lovely messy activity and had lots of different tasks! 🦔  Did you know hedgehogs can sleep for up to 18 hours a day? Jealous! 😒 For our happy hedgehog, we started by making lots of handprints. Then we cut them out and stuck them to our hedgehog body. As a […]

Bird Picture Frame

I’m trying out some different food-based paint recipes (still a few more to try before sharing!), and thought I’d put this blue paint to the test for a simple picture frame design. After making a bird shape, Lila used a spatula, her hands and rose petals to paint and stamp. The petals also stuck nicely […]

Mucky Kitchen

Yesterday we made a healthy edible ‘art-work’. 😂 This is actually based on a Fitness Blender recipe for a flatbread-style lunch and Lila absolutely LOVES it. She’s a big fan of her vegetables!  If you want your little one involved in the kitchen, it’s a fun and rewarding reason to make a mess and you can […]

Wild and Inspired

We were so excited to visit Dublin Zoo yesterday and were inspired to make this messy giraffe masterpiece! 🦒  Can you guess what we made it with? Answer below… 👇🏻 To scoop, shake and spread out our two ingredients we used a spoon, an egg carton and our hands (which was Lila’s favourite). We also had […]

World Book Day: Sealife

What are you reading?  We love the story ‘Where Are You Puffling?’ by Erika McGann and Gerry Daly so we decided to make a sea-life scene. We used a selection of petals and leaves to make our sea creatures and plants!  To make the jellyfish we folded a sheet of cling film around a leaf […]

Mucky Lasagna

My 12 month old had a lot of fun with this activity! Using two uncooked lasagna sheets, I dropped some paint blobs on and just let her go mad.  She squashed the paint on the lasagna with her hands, then we turned them upside down onto a piece of card. Great trick for dexterity – […]

Painted Potato-Stamps in the Shape of Bugs

Spud Bugs

This activity can be done two different ways, using chopped potatoes as stamps. Option 1: Write the name of the bugs first and get your little one to stamp the potatoes to match the names. Option 2: For a more imaginative challenge, make some random and abstract potato stamps together and see what bug patterns […]


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