Box with Label that reads 'My Tiny Museum'

My Tiny Museum Box

I am so ridiculously excited about the next Mucky Picnic Box – I’m actually BUZZING – so had to share this with you almost immediately!

I’m thrilled that ‘My Tiny Museum’ will be available to order throughout the year starting in very early 2022.

For now this super special draft box is being assembled for an adorable product tester in Co. Monaghan who will be trying out the objects and activities for me! 🥰 

A lot of you know I come from the museum world so this is something I’ve had developing in my head (and my heart 💖) for a long time. 😊

📦 The Box 📦 
Museums are for everyone, big and little, from all walks of life, and I’m a firm believer in that. My Tiny Museum is all about recreating that welcoming space to have fun and learn, whatever your interests are. Using the tools in the box, toddlers and beyond will be able to create their very own small world museum play set. This means choosing their own theme, creating the displays and even designing their visitors! 

I’ll be revealing all the tools in the box very soon (🤫), but to give you an idea, there’s a a combination of wooden objects, card/paper craft and an assortment of other media. As with the first box, My Tiny Museum will also include an activity pack to learn about different museums and the amazing things in them, as well as puzzles, games and more.

So whether your little one is mad for giraffes, obsessed with dinosaurs or loves to build, My Tiny Museum has a space, and it’s made just for them (and by them, if you want to be extra cheesy). 💖

If you’re interested in My Tiny Museum, please do spread the word either by liking, sharing or saving this post for later! ❤️

Thanks so much everyone for your ongoing support and please do message me with any questions you have! 💕 

Claire x

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