Covid and Classes

Like everyone I am really looking forward to the end of this pandemic! As soon as we can paint and play safely together, and restrictions have lifted, I’ll be available for messy paint and art classes.

I am brainstorming some ideas down the Zoom-class route which might be possible, though with strict restrictions easing off, I think people will be much happier to move on from the virtual and get stuck into physical classes when they can. I will definitely play around with some ideas and see what I can come up with, in the hopes of replicating as similar as an experience as possible. Depending on demand I am also considering putting together some send-home Mucky Picnic packs, for families to get messy together at home.

But for now, please keep an eye on social media for updates, as well as ideas on activities to do with your little ones. My daughter is a great inspiration for me, and also a fantastic test-subject each day!

If you do have any questions at all, do get in touch either through the site or my social media channels.

Thanks so much and looking forward to making a mess with you all soon!

Claire 🙂

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